Cards For Free



You can get cards for free but you're going to have to work for it!  It's easier than you think!

Join shopkick

SHOPKICK can earn you free cards!  Once you are signed up you can start earning points. Once you earn enough points you can turn your points into gift cards!  Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and eBay are all options.  There are other options as well but they won't get you cards!

Join using the SHOPKICK picture on this page and earn free points for signing up.

Ok, I'm signed up, is this actually worth my time?

It's totally understanding that you would be skeptical, but this really works! Once inside the SHOPKICK app click on the "earn" tab.  From there SHOPKICK will give you a list of stores, how close the stores are to you, and how many points there are for you to earn at the store.

How do I actually earn these points?

You earn points by visiting the stores listed in your SHOPKICK app. Some stores give you points simply for walking in! Most stores offer "scans." Simply find the item SHOPKICK lists inside the store, scan the bar code, and earn points. It's that simple! The points add up quickly and once you get enough you'll have some free cash for cards!

You likely were already going to be at the store anyway, why not earn points toward gift cards?